People, Places & Things

People, Places & Things

"Directed by Tracie Pang and grippingly held together by the hurricane-like Sharda Harrison [in] a role [she] carries off imperiously... This play's power lies in forcing audiences to experience the serpent coil of addiction."
– The Straits Times

Meet Emma – professional actor, consummate performer, chameleon-like make-believer.

Meet Emma – pathological pretender, compulsive liar, hopeless addict. 

Committed to rehab, she desperately clings on to her alter egos and imagined personas, as her world spirals into a surreal abyss. Friends, family members and fellow addicts morph into figments of fantasy, her sense of self fragments, and she is forced to ask: which version of me is the real me? 

Together with Emma, we embark on a thrilling, trippy journey. And as we see, hear, and feel everything from her perspective, our own reality begins to fracture, and we find ourselves asking: which version of this story is the truth? 

Duncan Macmillan’s brilliant People, Places & Things is a devastating exploration of a person’s desperate need to escape real life, a riveting examination of the parallels between theatre and therapy, between art and addiction, and unlike any theatrical adventure you will have experienced before. 

People, Places & Things

25 March - 9 April 2023
Singtel Waterfront Theatre @ Esplanade (next to Makansutra Gluttons By The Bay)

Singtel Waterfront Theatre @ Esplanade (next to Makansutra Gluttons By The Bay)

25 March - 9 April 2023

IMDA Rating
Advisory 16 (Drug Theme and Coarse Language)

3 hours (inclusive of a 15 minutes intermission)

Preview (25 Mar 2023)
Standard: S$60, S$50, S$40
Restricted View: S$35

Fri / Sat Evenings
Standard: S$85, S$75, S$65
Restricted View: S$60

Sun / Tue / Wed / Thu / Matinees
Standard: S$75, S$65, S$55
Restricted View: S$50

*No admission and re-admission will be allowed into the venue once the performance has started.


Tracie Pang

Duncan Macmillan

Shona Benson
Rebecca Ashley Dass
Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai
Sharda Harrison

Krissy Jesudason
Keagan Kang
Shane Mardjuki
Victoria Mintey
Adrian Pang
Jamil Schulze
Tan Guo Lian Sutton


Movement Director
Andy Benjamin Cai

Production Designer
Philip Engleheart

Lighting Designer
James Tan

Sound Designer
Jing Ng

Multimedia Designer
Genevieve Peck

+65 6241 9131

9 Changi South Street 3,
#04-01, Singapore 486361